how to apply beard oil and beard wax

A stylish maintained beard needs a good beard oil and a good beard wax, each with their own properties and benefits. This blog will guide you throw it all!

Beard oil

Beard oil is mainly used to condition your beard and keep it healthy. A good beard oil is based on three factors: its nourishing effect, the protection it provides, and the shine it gives! Beard oil should be used daily in dry conditions ( weather or beard condition) or twice a week, or based on each beard case.

    How to apply beard oil

    Add 2-4 drops of beard oil on your palm, rub it between your hands and apply evenly on the beard from the base and work your motion towards the tip of the hairs massaging it through your beard.

    Beard wax

    Beard wax is mainly used to style your beard to give it a clean well groomed look. A good beard wax should be made of natural and organic ingredients, have a strong hold in order to manage stay hairs, and good for conditioning facial hair follicles to avoid split ends, dandruff and an itchy beard.

    How to apply beard wax

    Take a tiny of wax and work it between your hands until it melts, then gently apply it to your beard and style it with your hands or a comb.


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    Essential oils provide comfort, support and aid but should not be used as medicine.

    Do not use undiluted essential oils directly on skin. Before applying an essential oil topically, make sure to dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil or any other medium.

    Essential oils should not be ingested.