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  • Whether you have oily, dry, combination or acne prone skin, comedogenic ratings can help you choose which oils and butters best suit your skin type. A comedogenic rating is the tendency of an oil, butter or wax to clog your pores depending on your skin type. The ratings start at 0 and go through... View Post
  •   Rūt essentials is all about providing the information you need to benefit from our products in the simplest, safest and most effective way possible. Essential oils are very concentrated oils that have been extracted from the different parts of plants, including the leaves, stems, flowers, bark... View Post
  •   Having covered the benefits of essential oils in Essentials 101, it's time to uncover the "how to's" of these oils. Essential oils are extremely intense oils extracted from the roots, stems, flower and other parts of a plant. These oils are concentrated in both their scent and benefits, which... View Post