About Us

Where it all began?

It all started in university. With big ambitions and aspirations to provide a one of a kind company that is genuinely about nature and its community.

Many names came to mind when trying to come up with a name for our company that describes it all, until we came up with Rūt. Rūt (/ruːt/, root) comes from the city Beirut which is a place that holds most, if not all, our memories. Beirut symbolizes strength, prosperity, family and love. Rūt represents nature and going back to what is familiar and implanted by mother earth.


Why Rūt?

As mentioned above, we are all about you, this means you have an idea? Speak out and reach out to us. You have a product suggestion? Vote for it. Yes you pick what is next. You give us a feedback.

And most of all this is your journey, the same as it is ours.

At Rūt, all our products are manufactured to reach your expectations. From therapeutic grade, cruelty free, steam distilled oils to raw, unrefined butters; we hand pick your favorite products!

What is Rūt about?

Rūt essentials is simplicity, purity and nature. Our brand focuses on bringing the best of nature to you at an affordable price.

Rūt also focuses on being an environmentally friendly company in the middle east, giving back to nature.

At Rūt we strive for excellence; our core values are honesty, quality, and reasonable prices.

Our goal is to lead the change in the retail industry by providing a new strategic model based around each client. From mass customization to voting for new products to our competitive prices and high quality. We are all about bringing nature to your home!

We also retain the promise of honesty as our core philosophy, as no relationship is built without trust. This is a community creation nurtured and preserved by our loving and passionate staff to grow and change the world!

Rūt cares about giving back! We believe in preserving and helping as much as we can to preserve our beautiful planet for us and future generations.

We also promise our clients to maintain our model of client orientation with our pricing and quality to the best of our abilities. We hear all client voice and concerns and be there for any feedback or queries.


What rutessentials.com has to offer?

Our feature packed website is optimized to provide you with the highest level of speed, security, and ease of access with:

  • Optimized page load times.
  • Mobile-friendly website and app.
  • SSL security.
  • GDPR compliant cookie usage.
  • End-to-end encryption gateway for secure payments.

As for the shopping experience:

  • We bring you Rūt accounts to save your address and favorite products and cart.
  • Rūt rewards to collect points, earn rewards instantly, as well as benefit from referrals of friends and family.
  • A voting system for the upcoming product so, pick your favorite product next!


What our Rūt has in store for you?

Everyone has dreams and aspirations, and so does Rūt!

At Rūt we are looking to expand all our offerings and provide more. Rūt is aiming to become your one stop shop for all your natural self-care needs. Where all and any self-care products will be at your office and home.


Rūt is about giving you the best of nature, while giving back to nature.

Our promise is one: Deliberately providing the best interest of our clients and consciously taking your voices into account.