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A Guide to Grounding Yourself

Grounding is the practice of reconnecting yourself and focusing on the present. It’s a self-regulating coping strategy that gets you out of your head and brings attention to your physical experience of the now.


Experience your body

Pay attention to how your body feels with each movement and when your hands or feet touch the floor or move through the air. Be fully aware of your own body.


Savor a scent

Grab your favorite essential oil and focus on describing the scent, how it makes you feel and what characteristics it has.


Breathe deep

Feel the air go through your nose, down your throat, and into your lungs as you inhale.
And as you exhale focus on the air leaving your lungs through your mouth.


Listen to your surroundings

Listen to the sounds around you. Do you hear people talking, birds singing, or traffic nearby? Let the sounds guide you to the present.


Describe what you see

Spend a few minutes taking in your surroundings and noting what you see. Use all five senses to provide as much detail as possible.


Nowadays, more often than not we find ourselves in a loophole of overthinking, worrying and negative feelings. It’s important to ground ourselves and disconnect when we start to spiral, and to focus on our physical presence while drifting away from feeling of anxiousness and distress.

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