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Elevate Your Stay: Hotel Amenities & Guest Room Solutions

Our wholesale, spa quality in-room hotel toiletries include fully-customizable shampoos, conditioners, bath and shower gels, hand and body lotions and much more... Create the most pleasant & relaxing experience for your guests with a perfect blend of luxury and serenity, our products unveiling a distinctive hospitality experience every time.

All our products are 100% VEGAN and cruelty free

allergen free

COMPLIaNT WITH EU Allergen Free requirements​

FREE FROM PARABENS, SULFATES, ALCOHOL and other harsh chemicals

GMP ISO certified

highest standard of cosmetics manufacturing
ISO 22716 GMP

solutions for every need


cost reduction solutions

Streamline your hotel amenities expenses with Rūt Essentials' cost-saving solutions, designed to optimize efficiency without compromising quality.

Wheatstraw, eco-conscious hotel amenities

Recycled and reduced plastic

Embrace sustainability with our reduced and recycled plastic options for hotel amenities, minimizing environmental impact while maintaining guest satisfaction.

Plastic free hotel amenities, plastic free hotel toiletries

plastic free amenities

Go plastic-free with Rut Essentials' selection of eco-friendly hotel amenities, featuring sustainable packaging materials for a greener guest experience.

reuse dispensers made from recycled plastic

reusable and refillable

Promote a circular economy by offering guests our reusable and refillable hotel amenities, reducing single-use waste while providing convenience and sustainability.


Scenting Solutions


At Rūt Essentials, we understand the importance of providing your guests with top-of-the-line, spa-quality in-room hotel toiletries. That’s why we offer a wide range of wholesale products that are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your hotel.


Our selection of hotel toiletries includes an array of items such as shampoo, conditioner, bath and shower gels, hand and body lotions and much more. All of our products are formulated using high-quality ingredients to provide a luxurious and relaxing experience for your guests. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality products that will leave your guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Our hotel toiletries are not only effective in providing a pleasant and relaxing experience for your guests, but also stylishly packaged for a distinctive and memorable hospitality experience. We are experts in creating the perfect blend of luxury and serenity, our products are designed to give your guests a truly unique experience each time they stay with you.


We also offer a range of packaging options to suit your needs, whether it be custom branding, packaging or labeling to ensure that your guests receive a truly memorable and personalized experience. From accessible products to spa-quality solutions, we work with you to unlock the power behind your brand and tap into its highest potential.


Choose Rūt Essentials for your hotel amenities and give your guests an experience they will never forget.

At Rūt Essentials we specializes in premium in-room hotel toiletries that cater to your guests’ needs. Our wide selection includes shampoo, conditioner, bath gels, lotions, and more, all crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure a luxurious and relaxing stay. Our products combine luxury and serenity for a unique experience, complemented by stylish packaging. We offer customizable packaging options to enhance your brand’s identity. Elevate your guests’ experience with Rūt Essentials.


Choose Rūt Essentials for your hotel amenities and give your guests an experience they will never forget.




Select the perfect product that aligns with your brand. Trust in our wide range of high-quality options crafted with precision to meet your requirements. We offer exceptional choices that resonate with your identity.

Baby Amenities Set


Make a lasting impression with customized packaging that speaks to your identity. Our experts will guide you in selecting packaging solutions that reflect your unique vision and ensure your products stand out on the shelves.

hotel amenities shel


Relax and leave the complexities to us. From manufacturing to shipping, product registration to global compliance, we take care of it all. Our experienced team will meticulously handle every detail while you focus on your brand.


Baby Amenities Set


hotel amenities shel


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Make sure to include any additional details to get an accurate quote. Such as finishing required, printing type, or even a sample image.


What is the lead time for placing an order and receiving the hotel amenities?

Our standard lead time for order processing and delivery is 45-50 days. However, we can discuss specific timelines based on your requirements and ensure timely delivery.

Can you provide samples of your hotel amenities for us to evaluate?

Absolutely! We offer sample packs of our hotel amenities  for evaluation purposes. Please let us know your specific requirements, and we will be glad to send you samples to assess the quality and suitability for your hotel.

Are your hotel amenities available in bulk or individual packaging?

Our hotel amenities are available in both bulk and individual packaging options. We can discuss the most suitable packaging format based on your preferences and the needs of your hotel.

Can we customize the packaging design or branding of the hotel amenities?

Yes, we offer customization options for packaging design and branding. We can work closely with you to create a unique and personalized packaging that aligns with your hotel’s brand image and enhances the guest experience.

What is the minimum order quantity for your hotel amenities?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our hotel amenities varies depending on the product. We can provide you with specific details and discuss options based on your requirements. Our MOQ varies between 500pcs and 3000pcs depending on the item.

Do you offer a variety of fragrance options for the amenities?

Yes, we offer a wide range of fragrance options for our hotel amenities. You can choose from our existing selection or discuss custom fragrance options to create a signature scent for your hotel.

Are your hotel amenities eco-friendly or made with sustainable materials?

We understand the importance of sustainability and offer eco-friendly options for hotel amenities. Our products are made with sustainable materials, and we can provide more information on their environmental credentials upon request.

What is the shelf life of your hotel amenities?

The shelf life of our hotel amenities typically ranges from 3 – 4 years to ensure that you receive products with ample time for guest usage. We can provide specific details for each product upon request.

Can you provide a price list for your hotel amenities?

Certainly! We can share a detailed price list for our hotel amenities based on your specific requirements. Please let us know which products you are interested in, and we will provide you with the relevant pricing information.

How do you handle product quality issues or returns?

We strive to ensure the highest quality standards for our hotel amenities. In the rare case of any product quality issues, we have a dedicated customer service team to address your concerns promptly. We also have a returns policy in place to facilitate the return and replacement of any defective products.

Are your hotel amenities compliant with industry regulations and standards?

Yes, our hotel amenities are manufactured in compliance with industry regulations and standards. We prioritize safety, quality, and adherence to relevant guidelines to ensure that our products meet the necessary requirements.

Can you assist with creating custom amenity sets or packages for different room types?

Absolutely! We understand the need for tailored amenity sets for different room types. Our team can work closely with you to create custom amenity sets that cater to specific guest preferences and room categories.

Do you offer training or support materials for housekeeping staff on using the hotel toiletries effectively?

We provide training materials and guidelines to assist your housekeeping staff in effectively using and presenting the hotel toiletries. These materials ensure a consistent and enhanced guest experience throughout your hotel.

What is your policy for replenishing stock and ensuring timely delivery of hotel toiletries?

We have a stock replenishment system in place to monitor inventory levels and ensure timely delivery of hotel toiletries. We can discuss the frequency and ordering process to ensure a seamless supply chain that meets your hotel’s requirements.

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