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Ascent Diffuser

Ceramic Essential Oil DIffuser

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Elevate your ambience with our beautifully crafted, matte ceramic Ascent Diffuser. Thoughtfully designed with ultrasonic technology to generate a continuous stream of your favorite 100% pure essential oils. Use morning to night to enhance your wellness and enrich your space.
With multiple mist settings, the Ascent Diffuser allows you to adjust the interval and intensity of your chosen aroma. Its highly advanced system ensures ease of use and quiet operation with ultrasonic diffusion mechanism.
How to use: 

1. Take out the ceramic cover and the inner cover in the direction of the arrow. When you take out the tank, there may be residual water from the last time you used it. Prevent any of the water from entering the air outlet.


 2. Fill the water tank up with clean water, make sure not to exceed the water level indicator and leave enough space to add 20-25 drops of essential oil.


 3. Install the inner cover and ceramic cover in the direction of the arrow, and make sure they are in place.


 4. Plug in your diffuser, and choose your time setting and optional light


Note: The diffuser will automatically shut off when the water level becomes low.


Technical Parameters:


Diffuser Size: C 90 * 180 mm

Water Tank Capacity: 160 ml

Nominal Voltage: DC 24V

Product Weight: 790 G

Rated Current: 500MAh

    • Automatic shut-down when empty
    • 4 mist modes
    • Light options
    • 500 sq-ft coverage
    • 8 hours runtime
    • Ultrasonic diffuser


Ideal for essential oils, and aroma oils.
Available in: Black and White.
Paired with our essential oils, we guarantee a scenting experience like no other.
CE & ROHS certified, tested for international safety standards,
Consumption: 0.05ml essential oil per hour (approx)
Note: the consumption rate is according to Rut Essentials essential oils. Consumption may vary with other oils.
Plug type: UK



running time

500 SQ. FT

scenting coverage area


light settings


adjustable stream and mist strength


when water is vaporized from the tank
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