Creating beautifully scented spaces with wellness in mind.

What is Rūt Essentials role?

  • We aim to create a positive first impression on guests, predefining their entire experience.
  • It enhances the guests satisfaction level, especially in Housekeeping-related services.
  • Build an emotional connection between the guests and your property through scenting

Scent customization

Rūt Essentials oil blends are formulated by professional aromatherapists, and all of our essential oils are MSDS-compliant and ISO-certificated. We offer a variety of essential oils, which are suitable for retail, hotels, spas, malls, offices and other spaces.

We can also provide customized oil blends to match your specific needs.

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing is one of the latest major global trends that enhances the guest’s experience in hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Given that Smell is the second most influential sense, we have managed to make use of its potential, particularly in the wellness and hospitality industry, to create beautifully scented spaces while delivering the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

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