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Natural Moisturizers to Protect Your Skin During Winter

Is flakiness, itchiness, and irritation making it difficult to enjoy the cozy winter season? Try some of these steps for keeping your skin extra moisturized all winter long:

Bath & Shower:

Add a few drops of Geranium oilMyrrhSandalwoodYlang Ylang & Lavender to your favorite body gel. Not only will this keep your skin moisturized, you’ll also have a moment of pure aroma bliss with a hot steamy bath!

Exfoliate Dry Lips:

Get your DIY on and make a beautiful, moisturizing lip scrub.

You’ll need:

Mix them well together then gently rub your lips to remove any dead skin!

DIY Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer:

We’ve all been frantically sanitizing our hands over the last couple years, but the chemicals involved can really take a toll on your hands and leave them feeling dry and cracked.

Try this recipe to make sure you keep your hands soft – and germ free!

*Optional: add a teaspoon of Argan oil or Jojoba oil for an extra moisturizing element.

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