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Steam distilled from the tiny white flowers of the plant, originating in Iran, Jasmine Essential Oil is sensual and sweet, has a grounding effect, and helps create a relaxing and sensual ambiance with its deeply rich aroma. It is rich powerful moisturizing benefits, so can help regenerate and nourish your skin as well as transport your senses to relaxing and romantic summer evenings



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Product name:
Jasmine Essential Oil (Jasmine Oil) – 100% Pure, Natural, Organic Essential Oil 

Jasminum Sambac

Quick info:

  • Botanical Name:  Jasminum Sambac
  • Aroma: Floral, sweet, powdery, warm, strong
  • Extraction Method: Steam distilled
  • Source: Iran
  • Note: Middle Note


Aphrodisiac, Stress relief, Anxiety, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant, Skin regenerative, Astringent

Botanical Families:

Jasmine, (genus Jasminum), also spelled jessaminegenus of about 200 species of fragrant-flowered shrubs and vines of the olive family (Oleaceae). The plants are native to tropical and to some temperate areas of the world. 

Jasmine is native to the temperate regions of the Caucasus, northern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Himalayas, northern India and western China, and there are more than 200 species of this plant that can reach thirty feet in height, bearing tiny, white star-like flowers and small, dark green leaves.

Chemical families: Oleaceae

Steam distilled from the tiny white flowers of the plant, Jasmine Essential Oil is sensual and sweet, has a grounding effect, and helps create a relaxing, sensual ambiance with its deeply rich aroma. Its powerful moisturizing benefits help regenerate and nourish your skin as well as transporting your senses to a relaxing and romantic summer evening. 


Support and calm your mind with our steam distilled Jasmine Essential Oil. Soothing and sensual, it is known for its skin-enhancing properties and its ability to promote balance and emotional relaxation. It’s a floral delight when you add it to a carrier oil during massages! Jasmine Essential Oil nurtures uplifting feelings of warmth and comfort: a grounding hug from nature.


Jasmine Essential oil, has a warm and sweet floral aroma that has a romantic, relaxing and calming aroma. It is made up of jasmine oil and other fragrances. It has a sweet aroma (almost sickly sweet to some noses), very floral and stronger than the flowering plant itself. Its Aromatherapy benefits provides a calming, relaxing, sensual and romantic atmosphere.


Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits:

  • Frequently used in massage therapy and to support muscles and joints
  • Supports circulatory system
  • Supports respiratory function
  • Beneficial for oily skin conditions
  • Emotional Benefits: In addition to the physical support Jasmine essential oil offers, its aromatic effect on the nonphysical are quite interesting as well. It’s said to be the oil of support, helping you find your own inner support and strength, rooting yourself into your own center and allowing you to seek, find, and receive support in new ways. 



One of the top benefits of Jasmine oil is definitely its calming and relaxing abilities (it’s also a well-known aphrodisiac and libido-boosting oil!). Add 8 to 10 drops in a diffuser or burner for the ultimate aromatherapy session. 



Muscle Soreness: 

Jasmine essential oil is a great choice for relieving muscle soreness. You can dilute a few drops in a carrier oil of your choice and use it to massage any areas of the body experiencing soreness after a workout or yoga session. 


Soothing Balm: 

Mix a few drops of Jasmine essential oil into your favorite skin butter, balm or lotion to create a soothing sweet aroma while keeping your skin moisturized. 

Hair care:

Mix Jasmine oil into your shampoo or conditioner —just a couple of drops will do the trick. Or, add a few drops with any carrier oil such as Jojoba, Sweet Almond, or Hempseed Oil and apply to hair roots as a moisture-boosting mask for 1-2 hours before showering. 


Jasmine, which means “gift from God” in Persian, has an undeniably divine fragrance. This fragrance is well-known among perfumers all over the world. Its flowers are prized in botanical gardens and skincare regimens and have been revered for centuries for its beauty and fragrance, as well as the health benefits of its essential oil. 


Top Skin Benefits: 

  • Jasmine oil is a great choice of a natural antiseptic
  • Jasmine oil is packed with anti-aging properties for the skin
  • Jasmine oil is an excellent choice for a moisturizer
  • Jasmine oil is a good choice for sensitive skin
  • It helps heal scars faster and reduces their appearance
  • Jasmine oil is used to control excessive oil production in the skin


You can use Jasmine oil in several ways. Dilute it with a carrier oil and rub it on your skin or add a few drops to your shower gel, hot bath, or moisturizer for a splash of hydration. Add it to your body massage oil to reap the moisturizing benefits for the whole body. You can also apply Jasmine essential oil to your scars when they are healing to promote skin regeneration. 


If you suffer from acne, try dabbing one drop of pure Jasmine essential oil on blemishes three times a day. Make sure you use a sterile cotton swab; if the antimicrobial power is too much for you, dilute it slightly with some Rosehip Oil. 

Home scenting: 

What better way to elevate your home experience than with the smell of flowers? Jasmine brings out our emotional side, naturally boosting the essence of love and romance within us. Indulging in jasmine essential oil home scenting for a beautiful way to show love to yourself and to your loved ones. It is emotionally soothing, known to help improve mood, and can boost your confidence. 

Home care:

In the mood for some romance? Use Jasmine Essential Oil in a spray around the house, mist it on pillows or in your room for the ultimate romantic setting!


For a great grounding or meditation session, we recommend the following oil blend for your diffuser. 

Simply add: 

These essential oils have a calming effect on the body and encourage an overall sense of feeling more relaxed when meditating.



If you close your eyes and inhale this flowery aromatherapy blend you might forget that you’re not in a spa. It’s the perfect scent for a prayer, meditation, or yoga.

Hair care:

When it comes to the hair and scalp, Jasmine essential oil has the greatest effect at the roots. It nourishes and tones the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. We have a great recipe for a scalp-massage oil that promotes blood flow to the follicles. 

Mix 3-4 drops of Jasmine Essential oil with 4-5 Tablespoons of Argan Oil and massage onto the scalp for 4-5 minutes. Keep this oil mask on for at least an hour before showering. For the best results, keep it overnight. 




Exfoliating using this Jasmine essential oil sugar scrub is a lovely experience! Jasmine essential oil has many skin benefits when used topically. The oil’s antibacterial qualities are known to fight against acne-causing bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants, making Jasmine essential oil an amazing choice for an anti-aging essential oil.


Here’s how you can make it: 

  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar 
  • 2 tablespoons Jojoba Oil 
  • 2-3 drops Jasmine Essential Oil 
  • 1-2 drops Rose Essential Oil 



Home scenting:


Flower Bouquet Recipe:

Forget about buying fresh flower bouquets every week. Inspired by a luxurious bouquet of roses, this rose-scented blend has jasmine notes to balance the sensual rose aroma and rich geranium scent.

Home care:

Add a few drops of Jasmine essential oil to some cotton wool balls and pop them into your clothes drawers or on a shelf in your wardrobe. This will add a lovely scent to your wardrobe and clothes.


Perhaps no flower aroma has been more recognized and used in perfumery as that of a Jasmine. It has been used for centuries as a luxury and a costly perfume. Because of its multilayered complex fragrance, and strong therapeutic properties, Jasmine oil is a great centerpiece to any personal perfume. Jasmine oil will add natural sweet warmth; dept and balance to flower blends and it will add richness to any perfume. 

The scent of jasmine has probably been described in world literature with more superlatives than any other single essence.

Its exotic and intoxicating character has a rich and colorful history in several ancient cultures dating back to the emperors of China’s Sung Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.)

There, it served as a symbol of the sweetness of women; in India, divine hope, and in that country’s mythology, the love god, Karma, tips his arrows with jasmine blossoms to pierce the heart of a loved one.

It blends well with rose, neroli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, chamomile and geranium.

– Olfactory Family: Floral Rose
– Note: Middle note
– Strength: Potent
– Perfumes used in: Byerdo Flowerhead Eau de Parfum, Demeter Jasmine, Gucci Bloom, Amouage Ashore, Christian Dior Jasmin Des Anges, JO Malone White Jasmine & Mint, Le Labo Jasmin 17 Eau de Parfum, Aerien Ikat Jasmine, Dipytique Oleme Eau de Toilette, DS & Durga Jazmin Yacatan


Originating from China and Northern India, Jasmine Oil travelled across the globe to the Ancient Egyptians who used it for nervous disorders, headaches and to promote better quality sleep. This showed that the calming properties of Jasmine Oil were recognized very early on.


Jasmine Oil is described to have a sensuous, warm, exotic, intense and sweet smell. This has made it a widely used essential oil in the perfume industry since the times of Louis XVI and Cleopatra. As a result of its well-loved and softened feminine smell, it is used to give perfumes a more universal appeal and make them more widely popular. Jasmine Essential Oil was, and still holds a special place in Hinduism and is known as the “perfume of love”. In China, the beautiful scent of Jasmine was used to make sick rooms more fragrant, but also because it was believed to clear the air of pollutants.


It is believed that Arabian jasmine was first brought to the Philippines from central Asia in the 1700s where the unique flower that blooms at night and has a bud that is more fragrant than its flower, captivated the national imagination and relegated its status to become the national symbol of the Philippines in 1934, representing purity, simplicity, humility and strength.

Fun Facts About Jasmine Essential Oil: 

  • In some cultures, jasmine is used as a natural sedative, much like lavender. Its sweet scent is known to help alleviate stress and anxiety, helping the body to unwind.
  • Jasmine is an aphrodisiac, meaning it can heighten sexual desire. That’s why it’s a common ingredient in massage oils, as well as, of course, perfume.
  • In some countries around the world. The unique aroma of jasmine is used to flavour drinks, baked goods, puddings and frozen desserts.



There is evidence that aromatherapy can effectively reduce depressive symptoms. A study that looked at jasmine essential oil found that when compared to a placebo, jasmine oil increased behavioral arousal.

Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal Properties: 

Jasmine oil made from various species of the plant has been found to have antibacterial properties. Its antiseptic effects have been extensively studied and found to fight various bacteria. One study found that natural jasmine oil derived from the Jasminum sambac plant, as well as its synthetic blends, showed antibacterial activity against one strain of E. coli.


Jasmine is used as a home remedy to treat spasms in various parts of the body, from cramp-producing stomach spasms to spasmodic cough.

The below table is a general dilution guide for essential oils. Aim for a one to five percent dilution for topical use, and always start small with the number of essential oil drops and increase the dilution ratio as desired.


 10 ml30 ml 60 ml120 ml240 mL
0.5%1 Drop3 Drop6 Drop12 Drop24 Drop
1 %2 Drop6 Drop24 Drop24 Drop48 Drop
2%4 Drop12 Drop48 Drop48 Drop96 Drop
3%6 Drop18 Drop72 Drops72 Drop144 Drop
5%10 Drop30 Drop120 Drop120 Drop240 Drop


Facial Use0.2 – 1.5%
Body Massage1.5 – 3%
Bath & Body Use1 – 4%
Spot Treatment3 – 5%

For external use only. Do not use undiluted on the skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Patch test before use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use essential oils on children under 5 years old. Consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils during pregnancy or if under a doctor’s care. Store in a cool, dark place.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Babies & Children: 

To keep your little one safe, for newborn to 24 months, we recommend that you always check with your pediatrician before introducing a new product to your baby’s routine.  Our products have no specified age range; however, remember to store products well away from your infant and child.


Ultrasonic diffusers effectively enhance the air of any environment. We recommend that:

  • Less is More: use less essential oils in ultrasonic diffusers
  • Diffusion Time: diffuse essential oils for 30-60 minutes on, then 30-60 minutes off
  • Air Flow: whenever you are using or diffusing essential oils, offer fresh air with an open window or door



You can use essential oils during pregnancy, but please consult your health care practitioner before use.


Using essential oils on pets: 

The ability to tolerate essential oils is dependent on many factors, including plant species, product, dose, and route of application. Essential oil use cases show the most significant risk of toxicity is from direct skin application on your pet’s skin – these same cases also share that a large volume was applied directly and neat (pure without a carrier) to the pet’s skin. Knowing that there is a risk in using these oils to your pet’s fur or skin, we strongly recommend consultation with your veterinarian or animal care specialist prior to applying or exposure to any of our products.


If you’ve chosen to use essential oils around your pet, we first recommend taking note of your pets behavior, contacting your vet with any concerns, and the below list of Rūt products that we feel are the most pet-friendly:

Single note essential oils:

  • Chamomile
  • Frankincense
  • Clary Sage
  • Geranium
  • Rosemary

Should you choose to use your ultrasonic diffuser in the presence of your pet, we recommend:

  • Using only small amounts of essential oils. 1-5 drops are our recommendation
  • Ensure the space is well ventilated with a window open slightly for fresh air
  • Always keep a door open so that the animal can enter and exit the room easily
  • Take note of how your pet responds at all times and if you notice your pet resisting an aroma, discontinue use and move them to a well-ventilated space
  • Be particularly mindful of pets that are in cages or enclosed spaces (including birds and small rodents) as they cannot leave the room if they become uncomfortable


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