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DIY Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils

It’s no secret that hand sanitizers have become part of our daily lives – we just can’t go without a bottle in our purse or hanging from our keychains. But personally, I’ve always noticed how dried out my hands feel whenever I use them, and the unpleasant smell left behind.

Mainly, it’s the convenience that makes us keep using them. Luckily though, many essential oils have powerful antibacterial properties which make them great ingredients for making our own hand sanitizers.

So why not give this homemade hand sanitizer a shot?

Although this recipe contains alcohol, it is accompanied by ingredients that help retain moisture and naturally fight germs.

Here are the two main reasons for adding essential oils:


1. Replenishing moisture and nutrients.

Alcohol is tough on skin, which is why most commercial hand sanitizers contain humectants to replenish moisture that’s been stripped away. While your homemade hand sanitizer should hopefully contain glycerin, aloe vera, or some other humectant to lock in moisture, essential oils’ effects can also help to replenish lost nutrients and soothe dry, chapped skin.

2. Providing additional antibacterial benefits.

Studies have shown that certain essential oils have antimicrobial properties. By adding select oils to your homemade hand sanitizer, you can improve its effectiveness.

Top antimicrobial oils:

Now, here’s the recipe we recommend:

*Optional: add a teaspoon of Argan oil or Jojoba oil for a moisturizing element. 

*Shake well before each use. 

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