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Essential Oils Uses Chart

By now, you should be aware of the incredible infinite benefits of different essential oils, and that essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts used to support health and well-being. In addition, essential Oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, which is a part of your brain that involves the sense of smell, behaviors, emotions, and long-term memory, and thus can change your mood and enhance your wellness one scent at a time. 

Below is a chart that simplifies our range of essential oils and details their aroma, general description, mood of the scent, main properties, known skin benefits and feel:

Aroma Description Mood Main Property Skin Benefit Feel
Cedarwood Essential Oil Woody Grounding Relaxing Antiseptic Antioxidant Grounding
Chamomile Essential Oil Floral Soothing Relaxing Antiseptic Soothing Comforting
Cinnamon Essential Oil Spicy Uplifting Uplifting Antiseptic Fortifying
Citronella Essential Oil Citrus invigorating invigorating Detoxifying Antifungal Fortifying
Clary Sage Essential Oil Herbal Balancing Relaxing Anti-inflammatory Soothing Balancing
Cypress Essential Oil Woody Balancing Calming Antiseptic Stimulating Balancing
Eucalyptus Essential Oil Herbal Fortifying energizing Antiseptic Repairing Cleansing
Frankincense Essential Oil spice Serenity Calming Anti-inflammatory Soothing Grounding
Geranium Essential Oil Floral Calming Calming Anti-inflammatory Firming Balancing
Ginger Essential Oil Spicy Fortifying Uplifting Anti-inflammatory Regenerating Fortifying
Grapefruit Essential Oil Citrus Reviving Uplifting Anti-inflammatory Detoxifying Reviving
Jasmine Essential Oil Floral Regenerating Calming Antiseptic Regenerating Comforting
Juniperberry Essential Oil Woody Detoxifying Calming Antiseptic Purifying Grounding
Lavender Essential Oil Floral Relaxing Relaxing Anti-inflammatory Firming Comforting
Lemon Essential Oil Citrus Cleansing energizing Antiseptic Antioxidant Cleansing
Mandarine Essential Oil Citrus Uplifting Uplifting Anti-inflammatory Stimulating Reviving
Marjoram Essential Oil Herbal Relaxing Relaxing Purifying Hydrating Balancing
Myrrh Essential Oil Spicy Calming Calming Anti-inflammatory Soothing Grounding
Neroli Essential Oil Floral Invigorating Uplifting Antibacterial Hydrating Reviving
Orange Essential Oil Citrus Focus energizing Anti-inflammatory Brightening Focus
Patchouli Essential Oil woody Healing Calming Antiseptic Stimulating Grounding
Peppermint Essential Oil Herbal stimulating energizing Anti-inflammatory Firming Focus
Pine Essential Oil Woody Uplifting Uplifting Antiseptic Stimulating Reviving
Rose Essential Oil Floral Comforting Relaxing Antiseptic Soothing Comforting
Rosemary Essential Oil Herbal Focus energizing Anti-inflammatory Detoxifying Focus
Sandalwood Essential Oil Woody Cleansing Calming Anti-inflammatory Hydrating Grounding
Tea Tree Essential Oil Herbal Purifying Uplifting Antibacterial Purifying Stimulating
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Floral Restoring Relaxing Antibacterial Purifying Comforting


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